Starbucks Coffee Co. is the latest to say they are going to phase out plastic straws at all of their worldwide locations. The goal is to make this a possibility by 2020,. And their solution is to implement an ' adult sippy cup' for drinks that would require a straw, which are fully recyclable and feature a raised lid. They have already banned plastic straws at their world headquarters in Seattle.

According to Forbes, this will help eliminate over one billion plastic straws that are found in landfills and oceans each year. Some drinks, however, will still have a straw, but just not a plastic one. The Frappuccinos will have straws that are either compostable, or made from paper. So far the test markets include Seattle and Vancouver, Canada.

Starbucks joins other major corporations like Hyatt, MGM Properties, and American Airlines trying to phase out plastic straws in the near future. McDonalds has said they will start the process in Ireland and The United Kingdom.


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