Now that Republican John Schroder has been elected as Louisiana’s new State Treasurer, he says he wants to improve the way the state handles finances in a struggling economy.

Schroder hopes to work with the state legislature and Governor Edwards to balance the budget and spend responsibly.

“The treasurer, who is the banker for the state, can assist in many ways. Although he doesn’t get a vote, he can assist in many ways dealing with the policies for the finances of Louisiana.”

Schroder says government has become a burden and the state’s infrastructure has become unaffordable. He plans to stay a budget hawk, as he’s been since he was elected as a state representative 10 years ago.

“Quite frankly, I don’t believe the citizens of Louisiana want to pay more taxes and I think we’re honestly going to have some very difficult decisions to make but it’s things that are going to have to get done.”

Schroder also hopes to reform the process on how the state picks construction projects for funding and take the politics out of it. He also plans to educate the public on the state budget, so taxpayers know how their money is spent.

“Transparency and accountability is incredible and that needs to improve in our state. I’ve worked there, I’ve seen it, I understand it. It does cost money to do that but I think it’s worth the expense.”

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