If you have a favorite sports team then you know sometimes when that team loses you tend to be in a bad mood. However, that foul disposition shouldn't translate into your job or how you treat people. Especially if your job happens to be a judge in Louisiana's judicial system.

In a report on NOLA.com reporter, Chelsea Brasted explored the consequences of facing a judge after an LSU loss. The information was gathered for a story that appears in the American Economic Journal. In that report, there does seem to be a correlation in the kind of sentence handed down to black youths after an LSU loss. This seems to be especially true of the judge is an alumnus of LSU.

The report indicated that after an LSU upset loss the sentences were eight percent longer for black youths compared to white youths charged with similar crimes. That translates into an average sentence that was slightly less than 40 days longer.

I can only imagine what must have happened to some poor souls after the loss to Troy last year. There is probably a guy on death row for a parking violation. This isn't right and the judges should be brought to task. That's my two cents.

The report's findings seem to indicate when the Tigers won games they were supposed to win or pulled an upset and won a game in which they weren't the favorite there appeared to be no variance in the sentences handed out.



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