It's been slightly damaged and the iconic lettering that adorned its bell has been removed but the tuba is back. A few weeks ago we told you the story of how the iconic instrument associated with New Orleans' Preservation Hall Jazz Band had been pilfered.

Thanks to an anonymous tip the musical instrument has been located and returned to Ben Jaffe. He reported the news on his Instagram account.

I am delighted and relieved to announce that our Preservation Hall Tuba has found its way home! We were able to retrieve the tuba through an anonymous tip. I want to thank everyone near and far for the overwhelming show of support! As you can imagine, the horn’s signature lettering had been removed and it suffered a little damage, but nothing a bit of “Tender Loving Repair” can’t remedy! It was through the outpouring of concern that the message spread and led to the tuba’s successful return. Words cannot express our appreciation for all the support and effort that went into getting the word out. This tuba has allowed us to bring a lot of joy to the community and it was our community that helped ensure its return. Much Love and Many Thanks, Ben #gotmytubaback #givememytubaback #keepyourheadup #soitis

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That was certainly good news for the band and for lovers of traditional New Orleans Jazz. I must admit I felt personally sad and disappointed that someone could be so hard-hearted that they would attempt to steal an icon of the city.

Jaffe says the instrument was damaged during its time away from the band but there isn't anything that a little "tender loving repair" can't fix. It's unclear if the telephone tip line that was set up by the band was where the anonymous tip came from or not. So far no charges have been filed in the case.

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