A family from right here in Southwest Louisiana was featured on the hit game show Family Feud on Monday, May 15th. The show of course is hosted by Steve Harvey and is a widely popular show.

The Portie family from Sulphur, Louisiana got the chance to be on the game show which aired on national television on Monday, May 15th. Here's what they submitted to the show from a few years ago that helped get them on

The family took to Facebook and announced that they would be on the show and when the show would air. Did they win? Here are the videos from their appearance on the popular game show. Let's see if they took home the money! Check it out!

Bam! How about that? $20,000 winner! That is awesome!

Melissa Breaux Padget took to Facebook to announce their winnings.

For those that didn’t get to see our appearance on Family Feud tonight - I have a few video highlights (thank you Jessica Karr)

We represented Sulphur proudly!

What a great experience! We had the best time doing this and my mom stole the show!!! (You have to watch the episode to see what I mean! You can watch on YouTube tv if you have it. Also our next episode airs tomorrow at 5pm locally on KVHP)

Thank you to everyone that came to our watch party - laughed and cheered us on and thank you to those that cheered us on from your living room.

Congratulations to the Portie family, you made Louisiana look good.

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