Officials with Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers are hoping to identify a person seen with an assault rifle shoved down his pants.

The incident happened in Crowley, and this person can be seen on surveillance footage walking in the Meadow's Apartment Complex.

Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers officials are very worried about violence that involves our teens and our young adults. They are hoping someone will share information with them as to who this person is. There have been multiple shootings involving teenagers and young adults in various communities throughout Acadiana in the last couple of months.

The incident involving this young person walking around with a gun happened on Wednesday, October 28.

Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers officials say this person has been described as a black male who could be a teenager, but they say they are not sure. That's why they are hoping that someone will give them information about this person.

They say whoever this person is, they were seen wearing a red shirt with a hooded-sweatshirt along with some blue jeans topped off with white tennis shoes on his feet.

Can you please help local law enforcement by distributing this information? Also, if you know something, please make sure you tell our law enforcement officials. You have a few way to anonymously give police detectives information. You can download and use the P3 app on your phone. You can also use your phone to call Acadia Parish Crime Stoppers at 337-789-TIPS(8477).

If you have the information that leads to the arrest of this person for illegally carrying a weapon, you might be able to earn up to a $1,000 cash.



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