We are blessed to have one of the finest symphony orchestras in the Gulf South right here in Lafayette. Our Acadiana Symphony has provided folks like you and me a window into an amazing world of music, composers, and performances. They have a special holiday program, Home For Christmas, scheduled for December 14th.

To me, the most amazing thing about our symphony or any symphony is the dynamic range which the maestro leads the musicians through. Some of the musical passages are softer than a whisper and then suddenly the full musical tour de force of all of these incredible players fills the hall with sound. The notes hit with a power that vibrates the listener to their very soul. It's a spiritual thing to be in the audience when the symphony performs.

The symphony in this video is the North State Symphony. Scott Seaton is the conductor and he is leading the artists through a performance of Stravinsky's The Firebird. Apparently, the sound of the orchestra was so soothing that one audience member was lulled into sleep by the soft passages. That's when Maestro Seaton asks for the incredible power from his players. You can hear the startled woman scream in the background.

To me, the look of Maestro Seaton's face is absolutely priceless. I also love the way he looked back to the audience much like Lance Armstrong did that time he literally took over the Tour de France bicycle race.

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