A group of teens in Maryland accused of credit card theft have been identified thanks to incriminating photo booth pics they took of themselves holding the card. Oh well. No one ever said you had to be smart to commit fraud.

On June 6, a woman reported that she misplaced her card while shopping near a local movie theater. So, Anne Arundel County police reviewed the card's transactions and discovered that movie tickets had been purchased at the theater a day earlier.

Cops uncovered surveillance footage of the teens using the card and incriminating pictures they took of themselves in a photo booth located in the theater's lobby. Look closely and you'll notice one of the teens proudly displaying the stolen card.

Last Friday, police released the photos to the public and received a "quick response" from the community in identifying them. As of yesterday morning, none of the teens had been charged, but something tells us these knuckleheads will soon run out of reasons to celebrate.

Teen Thieves Indentify Themselves in Photo Booth Pics
Anne Arundel County Police

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