The Lake Erie Walleye Tournament in Ohio, a major event in the fishing world, was absolutely rocked with scandal as two participants, Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyon, were apparently caught cheating after it was discovered they'd stuffed their fish with lead weights.

WARNING: Explicit language below.

It's unclear what led tournament organizers to suspect something, but they discovered large lead weights when they cut into the prize-winning fish.

In the videos above, you can hear the rage erupt when they declare there are weights in the fish. Several men were swearing at the team, shouting that they knew it all along. It appeared as though the event might suddenly turn violent.

Eventually, someone steps in and tells the other fishermen, who were enraged and calling for everything from kicking the cheaters out to actually arresting them, to let the team leave without anyone assaulting them.

The official Facebook page for the event released a harsh statement, expressing "disgust" at what was discovered and announcing the official winners were, post-scandal.

There are also reports that Cominsky and Runyon had won several events in the area, racking up a lot of prize money along the way. All of their past successes are now being called into question.

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