A week since opening arguments took place, testimony concluded this afternoon after several of the defense's witnesses each briefly took the stand in Seth Fontenot first-degree murder trial.

Fontenot, on trial for killing Austin Rivault and injuring Cole Kelley and William Bellamy, was on the stand this morning for cross examination from Assistant District Attorney J.N. Prather.

Defense witnesses, who took the stand this afternoon, included clinical psychologist Larry Benoit, Ph.D; private investigator Joy O'Brien and forensic meteorologist Ed Roy; Current and previous owners of the Chevrolet Silverado involved in the case each testified that they made no changes to the vehicle's windows, with exception to the rear window that was shattered by gunfire.

Members of Fontenot's family also took the witness stand today, each giving their own testimony of what happened on the night of Feb. 10, 2013. Fontenot's mother Brooke Talbot, father Derrick Talbot and sister Hailey Fontenot each said they were woken up by some noise that evening, though they each had different theories to what they thought it was.

Brooke Talbot told defense attorney Thomas Guilbeau she was never contacted by law enforcement regarding the case. Prather then pressed her regarding any steps she may have taken  at contacting law enforcement, to which she said no attempts were made.

Judge Edward Rubin announced closing arguments will begin tomorrow at 10 a.m.

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