There was once a time when the must ask question for every celebrity interview was boxers or briefs. It seemed so bold and cutting edge when the question first surfaced on important TV shows like Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and This Week in Louisiana Agriculture.

The boxers versus briefs debate is now passe' and most interviewers don't even bother discussing underpants. I am a different sort of journalist. Okay, I am not a journalist at all, I am a disc jockey.  Actually I am not so concerned about your drawers as much as I am concerned about how you use your drawers.

The big thing in  men's underwear, at least as far as debate and discussion goes, is the flap. The slide to the side opening where a gentleman might gain access to his private parts should the need arise to empty his bladder.  Based upon underwear design and fashion, that is what this vent, flap, opening is for.

I don't know any men who use the flap either in briefs or boxers mode. Most guys will just grab the waistband and go over the top or grab the leg hole and go out the bottom. So what is the reason for the flap still being a part of the design?

Some men who wear suits and belts and have to have tucked in shirts say the flap allows them better accessibility without having to spend the extra time tucking the shirt back in. However I find once the equipment has been brought to the forefront, it tends to find its way back to the forefront again and again and again causing the need for some very uncomfortable adjustments. These adjustments are also best not made in mixed company or near a school zone.

Another reason given for the flap still being a part of the basic design is that it gives two layers of fabric between the front of the pants and the actual pants. We all know that a wet spot in the wrong place can really take away from the snazzy look of a pair of khaki pants. While the dribble issue is a concern, especially for older guys, there are things you can do to eliminate the splash zone.

The extra fabric can also cause some odd looking bunching in the part of the anatomy where odd looking bunching can lead to social isolation. That is why you are seeing some of the leading European designers go away from the flap to more of a smooth front. I guess it's like the bra manufacturers did with the under wire and visible seam thing for ladies.

Regardless most men don't buy their own underpants anyway. That is what wives and mothers do. Not that they have too or it's their job, it's because if they didn't most men would be wearing underpants with more holes than a championship golf course.

So, when it comes to the flap, what is your take? Are you a flap user? Oddly enough, I'd like to know. By you making a comment and having an opinion it validates what I have written as actual work. Despite the fact that what I write and say won't change the course of mighty rivers, I still like to feel validation for my efforts. Also, there are more than enough serious issues we could be discussing, let's lighten up and talk about things that would have made us giggle uncontrollably when we were twelve years old.


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