We have all heard the saying, 'Who Dat,' but do you know where it originally came from, and have you ever heard the ORIGINAL 'Who Dat' song? Here it is from 1983!

The song was written and performed by Aaron Neville and the Singing Saints. Not only can we appreciate the talent behind this song, but check out the fashion statements from 1983.

Here is a little motivation for Saints fans—especially if any of those Bengals fans claim they "started it" with all that 'Who Dey' nonsense. Some history behind the Who Dat Chant:

Some believe that the chant was influenced by the vibrant jazz culture of New Orleans in the early 20th century. Jazz musicians and performers often used call-and-response chants, which may have inspired the "Who Dat" chant.

One of the more widely accepted theories is that the chant originated with local high school football teams in New Orleans. Fans of the St. Augustine High School football team reportedly began using "Who Dat" in the 1960s as a rallying cry.

While its precise origins may be elusive, "Who Dat" gained significant popularity and became forever linked to the New Orleans Saints during the 1980s. The chant was adopted by fans as a way to energize and support their team during games. As the Saints achieved success on the football field, the chant became more widely recognized and loved. Regardless of the origins, Who Dat fans just do Dat better -

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