We know we live in an awesome, unique state, and we are proud of it! And frankly, I don't care what people from other states say about what we eat, what we do, and who we cheer for on the football field. We're us, proud Louisianians! So when Only in Louisiana came up with some things that are normal to us, but have other people scratching their heads, we had to pass them along.


  • Calling every soft drink 'coke' This is true for just about every southerner
  • You own a parade ladder, or maybe more than one. Well, you want to catch some beads, don't you?
  • Knowing how to pronounce things that end in 'eaux' or 'aux'
  • Planning your whole schedule around football games. Geaux Ragin' Cajuns, Saints, and Tigers!
  • We talk to strangers at the store, and we are friendly to everyone. Of course. You grew up in the south, didn't you?
  • You know how to determine if a po'boy is really good by how many napkins it takes for you to finish it
  • You hoard newspapers. For the next crawfish boil, of course
  • We know how to suck the heads - duh
  • We know that a Second Line means there is a wedding, funeral, or celebration going on
  • Asking everyone you know where they went to high school. Just seeing if we know some of the same folks, sha
  • We season everything. Yes, everything. Thank you for all the great meals, Tony Chachere and Tabasco
  • We tell you how to get somewhere by how long it's going to take to get there. We actually don't care how many miles or blocks it is
  • We've put pennies in a zip loc bag of water to keep the flies away. This works for mosquitoes and wasps too


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