While summer has not officially started, if you check the high temperature each afternoon lately, you wouldn't know that because temperatures have been close to the nineties many days.

The official start of the 2020 summer season begins at 4:43 p.m. Central time on the afternoon of Saturday, June 20.

When summer comes, there are lots of things we might associate with this wonderful time. I know for me, hotter temperatures and summer, mean that there are hopefully many wonderful days to be had in a swimming pool, being lazy by the water.

Images that are conjured up when I think of summer also include the beach, corn on the cob, watermelon and popsicles melting in the sun.

Another thing that really makes me realize that summer is in full swing is the Fourth of July holiday when we all come together to celebrate our freedom and this great nation.

For many people the months of June, July, and August mean time to themselves and their families when they are able to go on vacation. While some people would argue that summer vacation started months ago for children, if you ask the parents I am sure they are going to say their workload has doubled or even tripled in some instances. Moms and dads are working constantly from home, teaching their children, preparing lunches, and working to keep everyone in the family entertained. And the burden must have been far more difficult for all of those single parents out there. So. to all of you, I hope that you do get some true relaxation and a little peace.

Things That Remind Us Of Summer


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