Lafayette, Louisiana is a special place, and there are certain things that you simply can't comprehend unless you live in this unique city.

We took to social media with the phrase "You haven't lived in Lafayette until...," asking our listeners to fill in the blank with things that ONLY people who live in Lafayette would understand and the response was overwhelming and sometimes downright hilarious.

One by one, people commented, describing one-of-a-kind experiences that sparked nostalgia and painted a picture of the beloved city that we know as Lafayette, Louisiana.

So, do you reside in Lafayette?

Well if your address says so, that may be the case—but according to our listeners you haven't truly "lived" in Lafayette until you've done these 74 things.

  1. You’ve navigated the barricades on Johnston Street during Mardi Gras
  2. You’ve eaten a burger from Judice Inn
  3. You’ve seen the spinning Evangeline Maid Bread
  4. You’ve eaten food out of another food at a Festival
  5. You’ve taken the “shortcut” through Broadmoor to avoid Ambassador/Johnston street traffic
  6. You’ve had Meche’s King Cake
  7. You’ve heard John The Revelator play his trombone
  8. You’ve fed the ducks at Girard Park
  9. You’ve risked your life crossing Congress to get to the Cajun Heartland State Fair
  10. You’ve been turned around due to confusion at the Johnston/Camelia/Guilbeau intersection
  11. You’ve sat in the turning lane while trying to take a left on Johnston Street in the middle of the day
  12. You’ve gotten alcohol in a drive thru
  13. You’ve ate, drank, and partied with complete strangers at a Ragin’ Cajuns tailgate
  14. You’ve been to Downtown Alive
  15. You’ve accidentally driven OVER a roundabout
  16. You’ve cut across the old Kmart parking lot to avoid traffic
  17. You’ve been to The Keg
  18. You’ve had to defend your level of “Cajun” to someone who lived slightly more south than you
  19. You’ve had a sno cone from the drive thru at Cajun Sno
  20. You’ve had a Frankie Burger after 2am
  21. You’ve realized that East Bayou Parkway and West Bayou Parkway don't actually meet
  22. You’ve dropped from 60 to 30mph when you see the speed van in River Ranch
  23. You’ve had poboy from Old Tyme Grocery
  24. You’ve experienced a Sunday night on Simcoe street
  25. You’ve had one too many margaritas at LaFonda
  26. You’ve had one too many margaritas at Legend’s
  27. You’ve driven through extended construction on <insert main road here>
  28. You’ve driven through a completely different town just to avoid holiday traffic
  29. You’ve been to a crawfish boil in a public park
  30. You’ve driven up and down the McKinley strip, but never actually got out of the car
  31. You’ve felt bad for eating a hamburger on a Friday during lent
  32. You’ve met an old person who can only describe something to you in broken french
  33. You’ve dated someone you didn’t realize you were related to
  34. You’ve realized its not a good idea to show up at a UL sporting event in an LSU shirt
  35. You’ve been to the Kart Ranch
  36. You’ve feared for your life waiting to take a left turn from Verot School Road
  37. You’ve eaten at the Popeye’s Buffet on Pinhook
  38. You’ve saved up your spare change for “Coin Night” at Graham Central Station
  39. You’ve been to the Northgate Mall and realized it’s not really the “mall” you had in mind
  40. You’ve danced on the catwalk at The Keg
  41. You’ve realized you can’t trust Google Maps with Cajun street names
  42. You’ve made that illegal turn near the Wendy’s off the Evangeline Thruway
  43. You’ve seen Sharon Moss on television at least once
  44. You’ve done the “chomp” at an IceGator game
  45. You’ve left Festival International at night having no clue where you parked downtown earlier that day
  46. You’ve realized that we pretty much skip winter season
  47. You’ve woken up from a night of partying with no recollection that you even went out other than the 9 wristbands on your arm
  48. You’ve caught a Moon Pie at the Mardi Gras parade
  49. You’ve gotten the mysterious Keg juice all over your shoes
  50. You’ve seen someone riding a horse inside Cowboys
  51. You’ve been stuck in traffic on Ambassador due to the backed up Chik-fil-a drive thru
  52. You’ve worked out at Red’s
  53. You’ve seen your picture on the wall at Marley’s
  54. You’ve taken the underpass on Jefferson to avoid the train
  55. You’ve eaten a pepper jack Boudin Ball from Billy’s
  56. You’ve put the heater on because temps dropped below 65 degrees
  57. You’ve been inside an apartment at Bayou Shadows
  58. You’ve sipped on free champagne from the Moss Motors tent at Rhythms on the River
  59. You’ve heard the phrase “Hey Hey, cotton candy!”
  60. You’ve smelled the funk from the plant near the Ambassador Caffery bridge
  61. You’ve been to Whisky River on a Sunday afternoon
  62. You’ve gotten an upset stomach because you ate a Meche’s donut while it was still too hot
  63. You’ve gotten an ice cream cone from Borden’s
  64. You’ve argued over who had the best King Cakes
  65. You’ve eaten the “wets” at Mel’s Diner
  66. You’ve been the “Y” in the Lafayette sign at Parc Sans Souci
  67. You’ve cursed Rob Perillo for the weather
  68. You’ve realized that most people consider blinkers to be optional
  69. You’ve had a blast at Festival International and somehow didn’t see one performance
  70. You’ve listened to the Friday Morning Breakfast Jam
  71. You’ve seen people Cajun dancing while eating at Prejean’s
  72. You’ve had the crawfish and spinach bread boat at Festival International
  73. You’ve waited 3 hours to be seated at a new chain restaurant
  74. You’ve moved away from home and spent hundreds just to get food shipped from Lafayette because they just don't season their food the same way

Did you find yourself laughing and nodding as you read this list? Did we miss any? If so, comment below and share this your friends if you're proud to live in Lafayette, LA!

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