Louisiana has quickly become a valuable destination for television and films. On any given day you will encounter shows being filmed in different parts of the state, and it is great to be known as the 'Hollywood of the South'!

This week, three different television shows that are shot here in the Bayou State got renewals for another season, and this is great news for our economy, and the Louisiana tv and movie industry.

NCIS: New Orleans, starring Scott Bakula, and is shot in New Orleans, has been renewed for season four. Killing Fields, on the Discovery Channel, has been renewed for season 3. This is the first true crime series that Discovery has ever produced. Shot in real time, the show takes place in Iberville Parish, featured a cold case that recently got an indictment for two counts of murder for local resident Tommy Francise. Another Discovery Channel series, Street Outlaws: New Orleans, has also been renewed. No premiere dates have been announced for the upcoming seasons.

Watch the trailer for season one of 'Killing Fields' above

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