Why does Tide insist on looking so delicious?

After the epidemic that involved teenagers eating Tide pods on a dare, (truthfully there were more memes about laundry detergent than actual kids eating laundry detergent) Tide is at it again with new packaging for its liquid detergent and it looks like something that would be in that one auntie's fridge.

If you're not familiar with Franzia, go ahead and hit the Google machine to see what we're talking about because this looks exactly like that.

So is Tide trolling us, or what? Because if their mission was to get us talking, then someone call up Proctor & Gamble and tell them 'mission accomplished.'

I mean, there are tons of great reasons behind the design—like the fact that it cuts down on waste, not to mention ease of storage and transportation—but the internet is literally losing their minds over this 'box wine' design.

Seriously, what's next?

Just make sure that your laundry night doesn't get mixed up with your wine night, or vice versa.

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