Parts of New Orleans are currently picking up the pieces after a massive tornado ripped through New Orleans East into the Arabi on Tuesday night.

The tornado was part of a system of severe weather that has been sweeping through the south, producing tornados in Texas roughly 24 hours before doing major damage in the New Orleans area.

According to multiple reports, at least one person is dead and several others have been reported injured as search and rescue efforts continued on Wednesday morning.

There have been multiple videos showing the tornado as it swept through the city as well as photos that documented the extensive damages that New Orleans has suffered as a result.

This time-lapse video from WDSU below really puts the harrowing situation into a new perspective and gives us a snapshot of what those NOLA residents had to endure for several minutes that probably felt more like a lifetime.

In addition to search and rescue, relief efforts are already underway in New Orleans thanks to numerous organizations like United Way.

The smallest gesture will probably go farther than you think for a community that is working to get back on its feet after this devastating tornado.

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