Conservative shock jock Tomi Lahren had a different tone when discussing her termination from The Blaze.

Lahren appeared on ABC's Nightline in her first interview since being fired for voicing that she was pro-choice during an appearance on The View. Tomi sued Glenn Beck and The Blaze for wrongful termination last week and got emotional during the interview stating that she just wants to be allowed to "move on."

It’s my job, it’s my life. Without that, I feel lost. When your outlet is taken away from you, when your catharsis is stripped from you, and you don’t understand why and you’re so disappointed and you’re so blindsided by it, it hurts.

The Blaze isn't allowing Tomi to work elsewhere until her contract expires in September and doesn't understand why she sued them when they continue to pay Lahren and "comply fully with the terms of our agreement with her.”

On the topic that led to her termination at The Blaze, Tomi Lahren still feels that it's ok to be anti-abortion and pro-choice.


Of course many feel like Tomi is getting a taste of her own medicine as she has garnered the majority of her followers for "telling it like it is" with her "tough talk" attitude and criticism—specifically toward those who feel they have been treated unfairly (I believe "snowflake" is the word?) in society.

Do you think Tomi should be allowed to work elsewhere, or should she just wait out the terms of her contract and continue to get paid, then make her move in September once it expires?

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