Vacation planning sometimes takes the a whole new level of patience when you have kids to plan for, meals to cook and fun to be had. Our team has a ton of tips to make your summer one to remember. And it's not too late. Late summer trips are as popular as ever and you have time to book one of your own. Thanks to Steve Wiley, Bruce Mikells, Stephanie Crist and Jude Walker for their great stories on

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    Why Dads Like To Pack The Car

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    To Have The Best Vacation, Get As Far Away From Your Boss As Possible

    Vacations are all about relaxation, but what is the most important part? Getting away from work. A new study says the further you get away from you boss, the more relaxed you will be. This story from Steve Wiley.

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    6 Of Twitter's Best Lazy Vacation Ideas

    Twitter is the best place for quick takes and general observations, but it may be best for useful little nuggets of information. As Bruce Mikells reports, there are a ton of lazy vacation hacks you need to know about.

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  • Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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    Hidden Fees Could Cost You Thousands

    At the end of the day, what good is a vacation if you have worry for months about how to pay a massive credit card bill after you return home. Stephanie Crist warns you how to look for hidden fees up-front.

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  • Zydeco Construcion LLC
    Zydeco Construcion LLC

    Vacation In Your Own Back Yard With A Swimming Pond

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