We're loading up the Kirkpatrick family SUV for a long weekend at the beach and the daunting task of packing for the kids was a lot easier this year. If you think its hard to keep up with your shirts, shorts, boxers, and socks, try keeping up with them when they are a fraction of the size.


This year, we tried a travel hack we read about online. All of the girls' clothes were pre-matched and packed in ziplock bags. I'll be honest. It felt like we were packing away a big catch of fish to put in the freezer. But, I'm open to anything that will make my life easier and time will tell.

See the video below:

I will report when we return to Lafayette how much easier this made our lives at the beach. Already, the anxiety that we may lose a pair of shorts or bathing suit top is nowhere to be found. So that's already a win!




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