Are the pitchers for the Houston Astros so good that it might be too good to be true?

Are they cheating?

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer insinuated on Tuesday that they are.

A lover of science, Bauer responded by insinuating that Houston's pitchers may well be using a foreign substance:

That Tweet by Bauer riled up the Astros, of course, who were less thrilled with Bauer's insinuation. Astros manager A.J. Hinch sure wasn't happy, and responded to Bauer.

"I do think people need to sweep their own front porch and deal with their own situations rather than throw accusations that are unfounded," Hinch said. "He's decided to make himself front and center on dealing with baseball curiosities."

Astros pitcher Lance McCullers, Jr. then had an exchange with Bauer:

Former LSU standout, and current Astros third baseman Alex Bregman also responded to Bauer:

Really, Bauer is insinuating that the Astros cheat, and that Major League Baseball let's them, but doesn't offer any real evidence.

You can talk spin rate all you want, but when you're an MLB player, and you accuse a team of cheating...any team...never mind the defending World Champions...thereby trying to lessen their better come forth with more evidence than Bauer did.

The Astros host the Indians, May 18-20. That should be interesting!

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