We hate to have to talk about this, but the hurricane season is starting to fire up early. We are only two and a half weeks into the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season and we have an area of disturbed weather in the Atlantic.

NOAA forecasts that this weather area has a 100% chance of becoming a tropical storm today, Monday, June 19th. which is not good news. What is more disturbing is that the forecast track in the next seven days looks like it with take this storm due West.

That means within seven days if it stays on the same track, it could enter the Caribbean by the end of the week. If this area of weather forms, it will be named Tropical Depression Bret. 


To add insult to injury, there is a second area of disturbed weather right behind the first one we just talked about. Right now, NOAA is giving that weather event a 40% chance of formation.

We are not weather folks, we leave that up to the professionals, but we would like to remind you that when we see things like this, it's always good to have your plan in place and your supplies on hand and ready for you and your family.

We all know too well about the series of two storms we got hit with here in Southwest Louisiana in 2020. None of us want to go through that again so have your hurricane preparedness plan in place. We will keep an eye on these storms for you and let you know if there is anything to worry about.

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