President Trump says he will sign an executive order today to end the practice of family separation for illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border. It's expected to happen before a planned trip to Minnesota later today.

White House pool reporters were in the room during a White House meeting when the announcement was made. President Trump maintained the need to protect our borders but told reporters, "families need to be together".

The announcement comes as leading GOP lawmakers work to introduce comprehensive immigration legislation. In the past, Trump has said that a border wall was necessary for any border security plan.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards released a statement as a few of his fellow Governors announced they would pull National Guard support from the border.

“In May, the State of Louisiana, along with 8 other states approved a request for aerial support to our neighbor in Texas. Under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, requests for assistance along the Southern border were routinely granted. This three-person Louisiana National Guard team and one helicopter provides air support to monitor drug interdiction, support anti-terrorism efforts, and provide additional security to custom and border control agents on the ground.  This mission is identical to those routinely performed upon request by the Louisiana National Guard since 2010.  This crew plays no role, direct or indirect, in the ill-conceived policy of separating families.  In keeping with our longstanding practice of providing assistance to a neighboring state, this support team will remain in place until mid-July at which time they will return and resume their primary mission of enhanced counter drug support to local law enforcement and to prepare for the height of the Atlantic Hurricane Season."


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