This is the commercial that U-HAUL doesn't want you to see.

A viral video showing a group of people doing donuts in a U-HAUL pickup truck popped up in my newsfeed over the weekend. The clip seems to be something that surfaced earlier this year, but for some reason has regained steam recently on Facebook.

I dug a little deeper and found an extended video and a dicey backstory that suggests this all took place at a meet up for car enthusiasts. Either way, the NSFW clip is definitely an example of what NOT to do with a U-HAUL truck or any rented vehicle for that matter.

I must admit I laughed out loud when the guy in the bed of the truck informed viewers that for only $19.95 they too could "rent that [expletive]."

I'm not sure if these guys were ever busted for the way they abused this rental, but they're definitely going viral.

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