Now that collegiate student-athletes can cash in on their names, likenesses, and images, the University of Louisiana is seeking ways to help its student-athletes succeed in the NIL marketplace locally and nationally.

On Thursday, the university announced an initiative to help it and its student-athletes achieve that goal.

UL is partnering with brandRusso to launch ULtra. According to university officials, ULtra--University Lucrative Training Resources Advantage--is an NIL education program that's designed to position the more than 400 UL student-athletes for success while still meeting university and NCAA compliance standards. The program will also allow businesses to connect with student-athletes. In addition, the program will link student-athletes with advisors and mentors who will help them set their branding plans and goals, help them assess their market value, and help them build strategies to market and promote themselves to their fullest potential.

“As the NIL space continues to evolve and become more competitive, we knew it was important to educate our student-athletes while assisting them with personal brand development and management,” UL athletics director Dr. Bryan Maggard said. “With ULtra, we have created a platform that will leverage ties within the local community to provide NIL opportunities for our student-athletes. I am grateful to brandRusso for their support and expertise as we start this exciting new program for Louisiana Athletics.”

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