A crash involving a car and a work van shut down part of Bertrand Drive in Lafayette on Wednesday morning. It happened in the 1700 block of Bertrand Drive as traffic slowed for a car that was making a U-turn onto the northbound lanes of Bertrand.

In the surveillance video below, you can see the white van plow into the back of the silver sedan that was about three cars behind the car making the U-turn. It's unclear if there were any major injuries. An ambulance arrived on scene shortly after the crash.

We reached out to Computer Concepts, the company the driver of the van was working for at the time and are awaiting a response as to the driver's condition. No other vehicles appear to have been involved in the crash.

In the photo below, you can see the grass is overgrown on one side of the median. It doesn't appear the tall grass was a factor in this particular crash, but a quick email from KPEL News to District 1 Councilman Kevin Naquin requesting the grass be mowed got a quick response. The issue is being handled by LCG's Joseph Gordon-Wiltz.


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