Earlier this month in Vermilion Parish a teacher named Deyshia Hargrave spoke up at a school board meeting.

Hargrave questioned why Superintendent Jerome Puyau was accepting a payraise when teachers in the parish had not received a pay increase in some time.

When the school board president Anthony Fontana told her she was out of order, Puyau still engaged her in converstion.

Hargrave eventally left the meeting, and something happened in the hall. At some point, an Abbeville City Marshall arrested her.

Fontana told KPEL listeners that is was comparable to a teacher wanting order in her classroom if I child were to speak out of order.

These comments and the arrest led to many teachers and supporters holding a rally, and many asking for Fontana to resign.

Fontana told the Abbeville Meridional in a letter that his goal was to see that Puyau, who had not had a contract in several years, get the contract.

Now he says since that is accomplished. He is ready to resign.

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