What do you think this is?

A woman posted a video of what she says may be the elusive "Bigfoot" jumping out of a tree in northern California.

Someone was on an ATV while out in the wilderness, and after uploading the video below, she was informed by some that she may have gotten a glimpse of the creature.

As you'll see here, with the help of slow motion, you can certainly see some sort of movement in the distance, but what exactly is it?


Is this Bigfoot or is it something else in the mountain region of northern California?

Skeptics think that this could have been a bird, but I am not buying that one. I would rather go with the theory that this could be someone in a costume, playing along for the camera.

Whatever the case may be, you watch and let us know what you think this is? Has this person, who was filming for shots of the rugged terrain, captured Bigfoot on camera?


@californiadream1382 I have never seen anything like that before, captured in Northern California #bigfoot #supernatural #fyp #viral #blowthisup #trippy ##alien ♬ Creepy Music Box - Terra Fantasy

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