If I might borrow a quote from Crystal Verret Myers and her Facebook page "God put people in the right places" to get an emotional memorable moment on video. This is Facebook video of what happened Friday night in Lafayette's Cajundome while Luke Bryan was meeting his fans backstage.

It says in the video's comments the video was taken by a member of Luke Bryan's crew. Someone who recognized the significance of the milestone meeting between a  young lady and a very kind man, who just happens to be an international superstar.

We are often asked, "why can't I use my own phone or camera backstage"? There are several reasons, one is time. If we all pull out a camera we're going to take a lot more time getting that perfect picture. Remember that guy you want a picture with has a show he has to do. He can't prepare to be his best on stage when he's spent three hours taking photos.

A professional photographer already set up with proper lighting is the best way to make sure the moment comes out the best. Besides, some people, like my wife, just can't take a picture that isn't blurry. Let the pros handle this one.

Another reason is security. The device in your hand may look like a camera but is it really? Also, many of the backstage areas contain set pieces and other aspects of the show that the producers don't want fans to see until it is show time.

Probably the most important reason for you to put your phone away is that you are a guest. You should play by the rules and no matter how you managed to get backstage you should abide by the rules that are set forth.

Trust me, you'll get your picture with the star and if you're kind enough and sweet enough, maybe even one of the crew members will be a part of the Good Lord's plan and take an amazing video for you.

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