We all know how much we love Vermilionville and our Cajun culture. Now it's time to help our friends at Vermilionville showcase it to the world. Vermilionville is in the running for "Best Louisiana Attraction" and seriously need your help to win it.

Currently Vermilionville is number 8 out of 10 on USA Today's poll. We simply can't have that. Vermilionville, the people who work there and Cajun culture are way too important to win anything less than number one.

First, please share this story with everyone you know every way you can. Email groups, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit...anywhere you can think of.

Second, go vote for Vermilionville right now over at www.10best.com. You can click that link to go directly to the voting page.

Third, do this quick, because voting ends in eleven days and 18 hours, and we've got a long way to go.

These other places on the list aren't gonna know what hit em!

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