New Iberians rejoice!

According to multiple restaurants in the area, "The Berry" will finally be getting delivery service from Waitr! Our sources told us that they're expecting to kick off the delivery service around the beginning of July—a timeframe that was also confirmed by a few Waitr drivers in the Lafayette area.

To say that this was a long time coming would be an understatement. New Iberia residents have been very vocal about getting the service in their area—and by the end of the summer, they should get their wish.

Currently, a search in New Iberia shows a limited list of restaurants that are "coming soon" and that list will only grow once delivery expands in the area.


This news comes on the heels of the big announcement that once local startup Waitr was purchased by powerhouse entrepreneur Tilman Fertitta—owner of the Houston Rockets, Landry's Seafood House and Golden Nugget.

Hopefully, Waitr will bring more business to the restaurants, more jobs for the locals, and more convenience for the residents of New Iberia.

If you're from the New Iberia area, what restaurants would you like to see available for delivery on Waitr?

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