Senator Dan Claitor’s bill that would make it a crime to generate wakes that damage property while driving a vehicle through flooded streets has passed through committee and is on its way to the senate floor. The Baton Rouge Senator says he was moved to create the bill after hearing horror stories from his constituents about reckless drivers during the 2016 floods.

“When the moron comes barreling through your neighborhood, putting a three foot bow wave into your living room that you have worked so hard to save.”

Claitor was questioned about whether the driver’s intent should matter, but the Senator says it’s just like reckless drivers behind the wheel of a car.

“If you’re trying to be malicious or not, it’s the same judicial determination that the judge has to make when you were careless when you drove off the road.”

Claitor says at this point, there’s no way drivers can play dumb about the impact of crashing through flooded streets in jacked up trucks.

“It’s impossible not to be aware that you are pushing a great big wake and its going into peoples homes.”

Current law involving reckless operation of a watercraft in similar situations says those found guilty could be assessed a 300 dollar fine and/or 30 days in day.

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