UPDATE 2/21/17 2AM: As you can see, the owner of this video has deleted it or hidden it from public view.

We do know that the Carencro Police Department has seen and is working to identify the people involved in the altercation. Chief David Anderson says arrest warrants will be issued once they are. If anyone has information that may help in the investigation, please contact the Carencro Police Department.

Original Story 2/20/17:

Most of us have seen it. Too much partying. Too much alcohol. Too much machismo. Too much "muchness." Punches are thrown and a fight breaks out.

Often times, the crowd will stand around for a bit watching the two people tussle before someone steps in and breaks them up.

However, watching the video, two things are more than a little disturbing.

First, it appears that one man attempts to stop the two who are having a row. He is thrown to the ground, presumably so the fight can continue.

Second, and possibly more shocking, is the number of CELL PHONES waving in the air! It's probably safe to assume that the holders of said phones are attempting to get video of the melee.

Carencro Chief of Police David Anderson says they are having some luck identifying the people involved in the brawl, and arrest warrants will be issued once they do.They need your help if you can identify any of the persons in this video. If you can please contact the Carencro Police.

He says about 130,000 people attended the Carencro Mardi Gras parade and, other than isolated incidents like this one, everyone was well-behaved and had a great time.

Considering that his department has between 55 and 60 officers who were tasked with handling such a large crowd, they are to be commended for a job well done.

In regard to the video and the fight, is whipping out a cell phone and videoing two folks beating each other up the way to react in a situation like this, especially in a time when people are intent on standing up for what's right and just?

What would YOU do?


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