Innovation and technology is one of the biggest tenets of helping anyone who wants to know more about Lafayette whether you live here or if you are looking to move here.

Chief innovation Officer Randy Gray tells us the 'Find My Home' is a feature of Lafayette's website where you can find information on school districts, who represents you and more. Click here to put in your address to see the plethora of information that is now available with one simple click.

Find My Home
Photo courtesy of LCG

When you go to, look for the tab called, 'Find My Home'.

Gray says there are a variety of different elements that allow you to know about multiple aspects of things that are around you. It also helps you to know who your council representative might be and other aspects of the people who represent you.

Gray says Mayor-President Josh Guillory asked the IT department along with community planning and others to put together this "one-stop shop" to find information that everyone needs.

It's also a great tool to use if you are thinking of buying a particular home, or if you have already moved in, you get information you need to make life easier.

Here are some of the things available:

  • Bus stop information
  • Drainage information
  • Information on bike trails
  • Flood zone information
  • Property information
  • Local representatives
  • State representatives
  • Voter precint information
  • Schools you'll be zoned for
  • Information on parks
  • Recycling services
  • Information on youth sports opportunities

Gray says,

Mayor-President Guillory has been vocal about our front door looking good meaning the gateway into our city should shine. Our digital front door is equally important.

When you visit the website you will also find tabs for 311lafayette,service and information about the Permit and Planning Guide.

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