If you've been a patient or visitor to Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center, you've probably heard a beautiful lullaby being played in the hallways and public places throughout the hospital. So what is the song and why is it played at random times day and night.

The song is "Brahm's Lullaby". Ochsner Lafayette General Hospital has been playing the song throughout the hospital every time a baby is delivered for a few years now.

The hospital's version of the song is from an album of Cajun and Creole lullabies titled, "Je M'endors".

Geoff Daily, executive director of the Lafayette General Foundation, told the Daily Advertiser the hospital wanted to celebrate childbirth with something really special.

And this exemplifies the Cajun and Creole culture of this area.-Geoff Daily

The album features songs from local greats such as Steve Riley, Terrance Simien, Ann Savoy and Zachary Richard.

The lullaby is a very nice, sweet touch even if you're in the hospital as a visitor or a patient for something totally unrelated to childbirth. You'll hear it every time a baby is born, even throughout the night. And these days, since folks have been held up more due to the pandemic, it plays a bunch. It's not played loud enough to keep patients awake, but you do hear it in most rooms.

The lullaby is a really nice reminder of how precious life is. Which is a nice nudge for folks lying in a hospital bed trying to get better so that they can get on with theirs.

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