If you have a Ford vehicle, your vehicle might be one of the 737,000 that are being recalled for issues related to oil leaking and trailer braking system issues according to Fox News.

While this is just a "heads-up", officials from Ford will begin notifying those vehicles owners that have the issues starting on Monday, April 18.

Ford 150 Recall
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One of the reasons some of the vehicles are being recalled has to do with the potential of a fire. Why? Officials say that there is "housing" that could become defective that could lead to oil getting on your car's engine and starting a fire.

The vehicles that are being recalled for the "housing" issue that could lead to fire are the following

  • 2020 Ford Escape SUVs
  • 2021 Ford Escape SUVs
  • 2022 Ford Escape SUVs
  • 2021 Bronco Sport SUV that has 1.5-Liter engines
  • 2022 Bronco Sport SUV that has 1.5-Liter engines
Ford F-250 Truck
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

The second recall is the trailer braking issue, and that issue is causing a recall in the following vehicles:

  • 2021 & 2022 F-150 pickups
  • 2022 F250's
  • 2022 350's
  • 2022 450's
  • 2022 F550's
  • 2022 Maverick pickups
  • 2022 Ford Expedition
  • 2022 Lincoln Navigator SUVs
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The nature of the problem is apparently a software issue. According to Fox, the problem can cause the trailers not to break which could lead to a crash. Again, you will be notified via mail starting on Monday, April 18. You will be asked to bring your vehicle to a dealership so that they can update the software glitch.

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