Would you let your company "microchip" you?

Three Square Market CEO Todd Westby told KSTP that microchip implants for employees are "the next that that's inevitably going to happen," and he wants to be a part of fit.

Three Square Market designs software for electronic break room markets—commonly found in office complexes and buildings where multiple businesses are housed.

Westby explained that people are able to pay for items using their phones, but his company wants to simplify that process even further by using a unique microchip implanted in a person's hand.

We'll come up, scan the item. We'll hit pay with a credit card, and it's asking to swipe my proximity payment now. I'll hold my hand up, just like my cell phone, and it'll pay for my product.

Each chip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted between a person's thumb and forefinger. 50 employees will have the devices implanted next week at the price of $300 per chip, but the company will take care of the cost.

In addition to purchasing items at kiosks with the ability to scan the chip, employees will also be able to use the implant to enter doors in the building and log onto their computers at work.

According to Westby there is no GPS tracking and all data is encrypted and secure. None of the employees will be required to get the chip.

Would you get this chip if your workplace offered it? What would you do if they required it?

Let us know in the comments!

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