Things got weird last week at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete.

There's no way to soften this up so let's dive right in. A Florida woman had to bite the testicles of a camel to escape its enclosure at the Grosse Tete truck stop. According to The Advocate, the woman was a truck driver

and her husband crawled into a camel's enclosure at the truck stop, and the camel sat on the woman, who used her teeth to bite the camel's testicles to escape.

The story goes on to say that the woman's husband apparently threw doggy treats under the 6-foot fence where Casper the camel lives on the truck stop property. Eyewitnesses say the couple's dog found its way into the pen to grab the treats and that's when the encounter began with the camel inside.

The Florida woman crawled under the fence to go after her pet with her husband following behind. Once the camel encountered the woman it sat on her, so she used her teeth to escape.

I bit his balls to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me

The Tiger Truck Stop is no stranger to controversy, as they once kept a tiger on display for visitors to see. Now, even with a camel, the truck stop can't seem to avoid animal drama. Nevertheless, The Advocate reports that the business wasn't found liable for any wrongdoing as "the camel was properly enclosed and warning signs instructed visitors not to enter the pen."

The camel has never been aggressive, the camel has never gotten out, never caused any issues -- in fact, the husband and wife stated before that we’ve been here before and we’ve never had any problems.

The couple wasn't so lucky as they were both cited for criminal trespassing and leash law violation.

In Louisiana, the law states that “no person shall permit any dog in his or her possession to run at large on any unenclosed land, or trespass upon any enclosed or unenclosed lands of another.”

The woman was lucky that things weren't worse for her family or her animal. As far as why her husband threw the treat under the fence in the first place: ‘I wasn’t thinking.’

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