If you thought you loved Popeyes, you have nothing on this woman.

The NYPD is looking for a woman who went ballistic at a Popeyes restaurant in Staten Island after she didn't get the "4 for $4" deal she was looking for. One huge problem was that Popeyes doesn't have a "4 for $4" deal.

Actually, Wendy's is the restaurant that offers the "4 for $4" value deal—but this lady wasn't trying to hear it. Maybe she had it confused with the $4 "Wicked Good Deal," but either way she was still heated because her order didn't come with a drink.

Even after being upset when she realized she couldn't get the deal she ordered anyway. She sat down and ate her meal, but before exiting she had a few words to say on her way out.

the unidentified woman makes it to the door of the establishment before she turns around, yells, sticks out her tongue and makes an aggressive, vaguely sexual gesture. She waves her middle finger in the air for good measure.

That wasn't all. She also took one of the promotional posters and slammed it up against a window before her grand finale: shattering another window with a chair.

The worst part about all of this is that she wreacked havoc all while a man politely held the door open for her.

The NYPD says they would like to have a conversation with the woman, and I don't think it's the good kind.

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