Fast food, it's a blessing and a curse if you ask me. It's a blessing because it's food. Usually, it's pretty good food too. It's a curse because sometimes it's not fast enough. And when our expectations are not met by the employees of our favorite fast food establishments, that's usually when Karma makes an appearance.

CNBC via YouTube
CNBC via YouTube

You know Karma, right? It's basically the application of the "Golden Rule", do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but applied in large doses to people who shouldn't have done unto others and are now getting payback for their less than kind act or words.

Karma was certainly in attendance the other day at a Chik- fil-A restaurant in Wilmington North Carolina. Believe it or not, they have issues with the drive-thru in Wilmington as we have in Lafayette. Although our new Chik-fil-A location is allegedly going to fix those issues with backed up traffic and butt hurt customers.

In the video, you're about to see from Tik Tok user @southernspice82 Karma rears her ugly head when the driver of a car in the drive-thru line feels the need to get out of her car and yell at one of the Chik-fil-A employees. Here's how it unfolded.

In a follow-up video posted by the same user on Tik Tok, we find out a little bit more about what caused the incident and what happened as a result of the car rolling out of the drive-thru line and into a ditch.


The reason the woman got out of the car was to have a discussion with the Chik-fil-A employee. The employee noticed the woman appeared to be nodding off, as in falling asleep or falling unconscious. That's why the employee addressed the customer. As you can see in the first video the driver of the car must not have been "fully cognizant" because she left her vehicle in gear and you saw the results.

If you have the chance be sure to read the comments beneath both posts on Tik Tok, there are some funny people in this world and most of them commented on these videos. My favorite came from a commenter who was referencing the Chik-fil-A Christian connection when he said "It was in park, Jesus took the wheel".

By the way, the driver of the vehicle was issued citations for failure to maintain control of her vehicle and some other charges too. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident.

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