Video of an incident involving an enraged driver and street racers has gone viral online after one woman took out a gun and fired into the crowd. A large crowd had gathered near an intersection where the woman was eventually doused in water, which led her to fire the weapon.

Twitter via @DailyLoud
Twitter via @DailyLoud

A geotag on the post that is now going viral on social media shows that the incident took place in California.

According to Twitter posts, this was some sort of street racing event that had garnished quite the crowd. When one woman got caught up in the middle of the event, things got dangerous quickly.

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After being soaked by a tub full of water, the woman went back to her vehicle and pulls out a weapon. A single shot can be heard being fired into the crowd as people scatter.

The woman then gets back into her vehicle, circles around, and accelerates back towards the crowd. This is when another shot can be heard ringing out.

Here in Louisiana, we have seen similar events turn dangerous such as the one in New Orleans that we reported on back in June.

While no shots were fired during the above incident, you can see in the below video just how quickly these types of street racing events can escalate.

Woman Shoots into Crowd after Being Soaked by Water at Street Racing Event

See the video shared by @DailyLoud on Twitter below.

One Twitter user says that the woman was attempting to drive through the area of the street racing event when the incident occurred.

More reactions to the post below.

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