You may have seen a clip floating around the internet of the "worst boxer ever." That clip, from a 1993 episode of the USA Network's Tuesday Night Fights series, features a light heavyweight bout featuring British boxer Kenny Rainford against North Carolina streetfighter Brian Sutherland. That fight lasted less than a minute. Sutherland, who looked lost in the ring, got his clock cleaned by Rainford.

Roll that beautiful boxing footage.

Thanks to the internet, that fight has become a bit of a legend. Even Sports Illustrated published a feature on Sutherland after the video started going viral.

What you may not have known is that that fight has an Acadiana connection. Rainford's coach was Lafayette's own Beau Willford. He was in Rainford's corner for the match. He also happened to be the matchmaker for the card.  On The Au-Zone, he explained how the match came to be.


To hear the full Beau Williford interview and the rest of this week's Au-Zone, click here.

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