A Metairie woman has caused a Facebook stir with her "Edible Chicken Bears" for you to throw on the pit or toss in the oven. For a few extra bucks, she says she'll even make clothes for the edible chicken bear. But, is she for real?

Maggie from Metairie is offering her "Chicken Bears" for $35, but if you provide your own chicken, it's only $25.

She says she'll make clothes for the chicken bear for a fee as well. What she makes the clothes out of I'm not sure.

However, after a little investigation, it seems the joke is on Facebook. I found a post from November 2017 from Stan Winston School of Character Arts showing what appears to be the exact same picture from Maggie's post.

Below is the nightmare inducing post from Maggie, and then the original post from November 2017.

Good one Maggie!

Stan Winston School of Character Arts
Stan Winston School of Character Arts

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