Lafayette Parish School Board members decided months ago that they would like to create a mechanism whereby anyone looking for financial information about how the system spends money would be able to access the data.

Today, the is now a reality. All you have to do is click on that link to find out any information you need about how the system is spending your taxpayer funds.

The Lafayette Parish School Board contracted with a company called OpenGov to bring this project to fruition.

School Board President, Erik Knezek says,

"The Lafayette Parish School Board is the firsts governmental entity in the state of Louisiana to give the public this level of access to information, and I hope we won't be the last. Our portal now allows every citizen to query and account for every cent spend on every item in our budget. The user-friendly interface will help re-establish trust between citizens and their local governments; I encourage other public entities to follow the courageous lead of the school board in doing the same."

It cost taxpayers $39,000 to get this tool up and running.

Back in March is when members of the Lafayette Parish School Board voted to go ahead with this project.

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