Zac Brown is not only a talented, award winning country musician, but he's got a heart of gold as well. To celebrate his upcoming 40th birthday, he has started a fundraiser for kids of military families.

Not just any fundraiser either. It's to send them to Camp Southern Ground. According to Zac's Facebook page 'Camp Southern Ground will be a haven for children of family members serving in the military, as well as be a respite for our active and veteran service members.'  He goes on to say that he was a former camp counselor, and knows the value of a positive camp experience. And now he wants to pay that forward.

This is an amazing opportunity to give a monetary gift that will actually do some good, and we thank you for that, Zac Brown! The goal of $8,000 will provide four scholarships for kids to camp every week. If you need more info, or would like to donate, check out the link here.