Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves says a deal to let those who suffered damage from the 2016 floods, and who were SBA loan recipients, receive RESTORE money is 99 percent complete, and should passed by this weekend.

Graves says that means if you filed the RESTORE survey, but were ineligible, you could see the cash before the end of the year.

“Those people should start seeing some of the checks by middle November to the end of November, based on the time-frame in the law.”

Graves says if you’ve filed your paperwork before the deadline, you shouldn’t have to make any changes or do anything else before your check is mailed. But, if you did not file RESTORE paperwork because you thought your SBA loans disqualified you, then there’s some good news.

“They are opening the application process back up because the reality is that there are probably hundreds of people if not thousands of people who never applied for RESTORE funds because they thought they were ineligible.”

The new deadline to fill out the homeowner survey is October 19th.

It’s a two year old fight that’s been a constant source of angst for thousands of people who’ve recently watched their neighbors cash the RESTORE checks. Graves says it’s been an uphill climb trying to convince Washington to change the policy, but they appear to finally hit the summit.

“I think my most frustrating thing about being in this job has been watching people who have no idea what they were talking about make decisions. It was all about persistence, we would not let up on this.”

RESTORE grants now pay out 100 percent reimbursement for flood damage suffered in 2016.

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