The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has suspended four campus fraternities in the wake of a recent hazing incident at LSU. While the suspensions were not directly connected to the death of 18 year old Max Gruver at LSU the incident probably played a part in motivating university officials to take action.

Theta Xi, Kappa Alpha Order, Sigma Nu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon are the suspended Greek organizations. The suspensions were based on an ongoing investigation. Specifics of that investigation of how much further it will proceed is unclear at this time.

Since Gruver's death at LSU officials at UL have noted that more students appear to be willing to come forward with information regarding the conduct of on campus organizations.  As more students come forward the scope of the investigation will likely grow larger.

The national chapters of these organizations have strict rules concerning hazing. However, the policy cannot be enforced if there are not witnesses coming forward with information on alleged incidents.

The suspension means the organizations will not be allowed to conduct social activities or interactions with other students.

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