That's a pretty bold statement. However, such is the power of words. They can hurt, they can heal, they can indeed change a life. I know. I was browsing the front page of the Internet, they call it Reddit, and came across a question posed by an individual. The question was, "What is something that someone said that forever changed your way of thinking"? Here are just five amazing homegrown pieces of advice that could do just that.

  • 3sbworld, ThinkStock
    3sbworld, ThinkStock

    Givers have to set limits because Takers never do

    Which one are you? If you're a Giver then you know who you are. If you're a Taker then you're totally oblivious to what you do to those around you. Takers aren't bad people. Much of the time they actually mean well but it's up to the Giver to see how much the Taker is taking. That's why some people are so exhausting to be around.

  • Purestock, ThinkStock
    Purestock, ThinkStock

    If you're afraid to check your bank balance, your probably need to

    We all have things we fear. The fear of fear is perhaps the biggest hurdle we have to overcome. Most of us view our financial situations with trepidation. We shouldn't. We should understand that our bank balance is just a numerical scorecard of the poor choices we've made. There is a lot to be learned from those negative numbers including self-discipline.

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    You teach people how to treat you

    If you've ever wondered why the world treats you the way it does you now have found your answer. If you feel like a doormat it's because you've allowed yourself to be a doormat. If you feel unwanted then you've taught others not to want you. Go ahead and disagree then go get really honest with yourself and you will see this may be the greatest truth you will ever need to learn.

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    If you have to talk yourself into coming in to work, then you need to quit now

    Somebody is sitting on the side of their bed reading this right now and they know just how true this is. Work is a job, it shouldn't be your life. If you pursue your life and then find a way to earn an income that adds to that experience you will never ever need to set an alarm clock as long as you live. Who needs one more miserable trip around the sun?

  • Delta Airlines via YouTube
    Delta Airlines via YouTube

    You have to put your own oxygen mask on first before you help someone else

    If you've ever been on an airplane you've heard that said many times and probably never noticed the really deep meaning behind it. How can you help someone else survive when you're not ready to survive yourself.?Everyone deserves the best version of you, especially you, before you extend a lifeline.

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