For LSU Tiger fans a 10 AM start is not conducive to our football lifestyle. If we were to actually match our Saturday night Death Valley intensity it would require starting the tailgate party at midnight.  Since most of us will sleep in until kickoff here's a quick list of what we believe you'd want at your "Breakfast at the Bowl Game Party".

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    Bloody Marys And Mimosas

    If you're not exactly sure how to create these "hair of the dog" favorites for intensifying the flavor of your morning meal then you need to turn in your Tiger fan card. The Bloody Mary is like vegetables for breakfast. Vegetables with vodka and hot sauce that is. The Mimosa is your glass of orange juice. Orange juice with champagne that is.

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    Boudin with Evangeline Maid Bread

    This might require an early run to your favorite "boudinary" . A "boudinary" is a place that sells boudin. It's a word I made up. See that public school education paid off big time didn't it? Evangeline Maid bread is the choice of the boudin lover's sandwich. You might want to grab some mayonnaise too. Be sure to say mayonnaise correctly or you'll sound like you aint from around here.

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    Cracklin or Bacon

    Rendered pork fat is a must if you're going to maintain your football posture for the balance of the game. Fried pork has been known to turn mortal men into supermen. Unfortunately, those supermen are usually cardiologist and heart doctors but we aren't doing surgery today, are we? We are watching football! We will hold off on the stents and bypass surgeries until tomorrow. We'll do anything to avoid watching the always overrated Rose Bowl.

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    Meche's Donuts

    The folks at Meche's are the donut industry leader in South Louisiana. You're going to want something sweet to go along with all of your savory choices. Meche's sells a vast variety of donuts. They have sprinkles, chocolate, filled, and donuts covered with other things. Just get the regular glazed. This isn't your anniversary. This is football and you'll want a donut that won't require you to vacuum until after the Tigers win.

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